How to build a strong digital and social media presence for your company

In the last 2 years, we have seen that a significant part of our clients approach us with a request to help them build & grow an adequate, professional and successful communication strategy for their brand in social media & digital.

Some of the most important things in successful social media communications, that need some previous research and preparations, are:

what is the target audience/s that we’re speaking to? (demographics, lifestyle, affinities)

what is their digital experience in social media?

what are the topics they might be interested in our work & ethics?

how can we: inform, educate, entertain them in social media?

what content formats would be most successful for conveying our brand’s mission and vision on social? 

that is why, our approach and process in building successful digital and social media presence for brands is divided into several stages, where we build and develop their marketing strategy.

In this article we will focus more on the initial and very important 2 stages.

During this stage, we make sure that the brand products/services, expertise and messages are crystal clear, understandable for the target audience, easy to remember and most importantly – easy to repeat/retell to a manager, friend or partner.

Our efforts at this time are focused on building a clear brand “look and feel” and tone of voice and helping the awareness and trust build with potential new customers.

Marketing activities in this stage might include:

working & defining the target audiences – b2b/b2c, employees.

developing and building the brand story

determining the most important and converting key marketing messages and CTAs

enhancing and explaining the main brand services and USPs in a reliable, relatable, and understandable manner

telling the success story of the team

 uncovering the unique mission & vision of the company

During this stage, we would need to learn more about your company.

Here is how this part of the process is done:

1.1. Stage – Assessment

It is best done through team interviews and workshops. We would need to arrange meetings/interviews with management and spend some time on workshops with team members.

1.2. Stage – Strategy & Planning

During these activities, we will work on all above-mentioned marketing activities and deliver communications strategies & tactics for each target group, adding also work on some advanced communications creative concepts.

Based on the work done in Stage 1, it would be crucial to start building the brand story & communication through content. This will support the communication and marketing efforts towards the main target groups.

There are several activities here:

2.1. Producing “series” of communication content for social –

Еxplainer videos

Tutorial videos

Story videos

Podcast series

Social media visuals

Case studies

Blog posts

Team interviews

2.2. Preparing posting schedule for each social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) and a content for the company blog, both b2b and b2c:

Long-term: 12-18 months strategy & content schedule

Short-term: 3-6 months detailed posting schedule for each platform. 

2.3. Execution the strategy & posting content on social media + blog on a weekly basis

What comes next are the following actions:

After we have built the brand fundamentals & the main promotional content, we could plan a campaign, promoting the brand.

Beneficial activities here could be:

1. PR campaign & Media relations – building awareness for the product & services; awareness for the team & the company.

2. Native ads in media and paid campaigns – targeted campaigns in digital media, social and google ads, generating leads for web sales.

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